Why do I need a support subscription?

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What does this subscription mean?
You need to have a support subscription in order to be entitled to updates.
Besides improvements that are incorporated in the updates, changes are applied regularly to maintain compatibility with all versions of Outlook and browsers.
When you have a support subscription, you will be able to use your add-in every day due to the updates we provide when a Outlook brings out an update.

What do you get besides updates?

  • You get the possibility to get live support
  • Phone, email and chat support (Business hours, CET.)
  • Installation help

You can cancel the subscription any time during the subscription. If you do not cancel the subscription will automatically renew. A cancelled subscription can be re-activated anytime during the original subscription time with a grace period of one month. If you choose to renew after the grace period an upgrade fee for new license will apply on the order (65% of the current list price)

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