Why Drag & Drop?


The installer does all the system checks and Microsoft Office detection for you.
Just install and start drag dropping!


Save tens of hours per year.
Upload your email, attachment or even contacts directly to your web application in less then a second.


Leave no files behind.
DragDrop for Outlook removes all temporary files to make sure no data is left behind with no protection.

How does Drag & Drop work?


To ensure the compatibility of our application we made sure to test every version of Microsoft Outlook and a lot of web applications.

You won’t even notice the application is installed when you drag and drop your items to the web.

  • Microsoft Outlook

    Our windows application is compatible with any version of Microsoft Outlook (2007 & 2010 – 2019).

  • Browser

    You can drag and drop attachments from Microsoft Outlook to any browser. Tested on latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

  • Web Applications

    The drag and drop functionality works for every application that has drag and drop enabled. Tested on Salesforce, Onedrive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Slack, Zoho, Gmail, Onenote, Evernote, Huddle, Flickr, Basecamp, Box, Google Docs, Deskpro, Onenote, Probinder, Smartimage, Igloo, Atlassian,  Smugmug, Yahoo Mail.

Does exactly what it says.
Support team were great at assisting with our licensing needs.

Scott BaldwinSt. Mary’s Chambers - Family Law Specialists (UK)

Best support ever!
Great presale support (trial versions, help with trouble shootings) – very quick response within one day or even faster – product works like a charme

Thomas MuhlHBK Dethleffsen (DE)

Simple tool that helps a lot!
We are using the tool on a farm of terminal servers. Previously we had to save to a local drive, and drag into our Document Management Solution from there. Now we can drag and drop directly! Thanks 🙂

GeertBonsenReuling (The Netherlands)

Simple and well supported process to obtain enterprise deployment. Helpful vendor. Product meets expectations and greatly improves efficiency when dealing with Outlook and cloud systems.

Lucian BurnsMedical Indemnity Protection Society (AU)

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