Version 5.2.1                –              September’18:


  • Sharepoint support for messages will be restored (some sharepoint instances were receiving only a txt file with header info).
  • limit the lenght of the filename to 150 chars.

Version 5.2.0                –              September’18:


  • Force the availability of the temp folder for the temporary files.


  • Support for Outlook 2007 added.
  • Improved compatibility with other add-ins.
  • Limited the number of simultaneous dragged items to 50. If you start a drag action with over 50 items (emails, attachments, contacts, etc) DragDrop will not handle the drop action to prevent slowing down Outlook and rendering it unresponsive.


Version 5.1.0                –              July’18:

  • Support for both Edge in Windows 10 2017 Fall update ánd Edge in 2018 Spring update.
  • Fix the issue where in some circumstances the temp folder was locked after some time and a restart of Outlook was needed.


  • You can now see your license code and the number of activations on the My Account page.
  • Extended logging for more detailed insight on the activation process.
  • Adjustment in the CharsToReplace registry setting, this setting will now only affect the filename and no longer the extension.


Version 5.0.2                 –              June’18:

  • In some circumstances an email was moved to deleted items when dropped in a webcontrol that explicitly requested a move. We now force a copy action to the major browsers and the executables listed in the “ForceCopyToExe” setting even in those circumstances.


Version 5.0.1                 –              June’18:

  • Configurable cleanup interval
  • Replace characters in a filename
  • Added setting to force copy to listed executables
  • Added setting allowed executables can be listed
  • More information about the registry settings can be found on our FAQ Registry Settings


Version 5.0.0                   –              May’18:

  • New license model where license activations are now based on unique users
  • Only a hash of the user SID is send to our licencing servers (GDPR compliant)
  • Improved startup speed
  • Removed dependency on VC++2017
  • Installer has better detection for prerequisites so time needed for installation is minimized
  • Enterprise release with 4 installers available (Full installer , Installer without prerequisites , MSI installer x64(Office 64bit) , MSI installer x86(Office 32bit) )


Version 4.3.1                     –              Januari ’18:

  • Removed reference to config file in the manifest that prevented sideloading the vsto
  • Force copy detection improvement for 32bit Outlook on 64bit Windows


Version 4.3.0                     –              Januari ’18:

  • Force a copy to well-known Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IExplerer, Edge) even if the dropzone or webapplication is requesting a move. Emails are now always copied and never moved to Deleted items.


Version 4.2.3                     –              December ‘17


  • Beside the installers, all dll, exe and manifest files are now digitally signed for easier deployment and security validations
  • LicenseInfo tool added to support license release and migration


Version 4.2.2                     –              November ‘17


  • Added support for Microsoft specific web applications like Sharepoint and OneDrive


Version 4.2.1                     –              Oktober ‘17


  • Improved startup speed


  • Enterprise license validation failed in some circumstances


Version 4.2.0                     –              September ‘17


  • Added support for latest Edge browser


  • EULA included in setup


Version 4.1.0                     –              July ‘17


  • New easy installer with all prerequisites included for both 32bit and 64bit


Version 4.0.0                     –              June ‘17


  • Extended support to Office 2010  to 2016 both 32bit and 64bit on Windows 32bit and 64bit