Can I move a license to a new machine or other user?

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Single License / Enterprise until version 5.2
Yes, if you want to deactivate a license you should open the licenseinfo.exe, this can be found at C:\\Program Files (x86)\\DragDrop\\DragDrop for Outlook (- Enterprise), depending on the installation.
Or download it from: 

After deactivation, the license can be activated for another user.

Enterprise License
With the Enterprise License the same user can use unlimited computers in the same domain so no need to “transfer” a license when decommissioning a machine.
When a user leaves your company, you can manage the licenses in 3 ways (since V5.3):

  1. Desktop version of the LicenseManager 
    Our LicenseManager.exe makes it possible to manage the activations right from your desktop. Please download the executable via this link:
    The LicenseManager connects to your local ActiveDirectory to retreive username and SID.
    If you use AzureAD please generate a CSV with username and SID with this PowerShell (rename the text file to .ps1): GetUsersfromAzureADToCSV.txt

  2. API
    Our API makes it possible to manage your license via your favorite tools like PowerShell. Please read more details on our API documentation page:

  3. Online LicenseManager  – best for managing a few users
    Login to  your account. Find all your users by opening CMD and then type: wmic useraccount get name,sid. This will return a list with userSID’s and usernames, you can use that to find the license identifier.


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