Registry Settings

Where can the settings be found? At the following place(Only when the enterprise editions is installed):
32 Bit Windows:  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DragDrop\DragDrop for Outlook]
64 Bit Windows: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\DragDrop\DragDrop for Outlook]

What settings can be found there?

  1. AllowedExes
  2. CleanupFileAge
  3. CleanupIntervalSeconds
  4. ForceCopyToExe
  5. CharsToReplace
  6. CharReplacement

What do the settings mean?

  • AllowedExes: Where dragdrop is allowed to drag & drop to. This is defaults to all applications.
    • Example: “AllowedExes”=chrome.exe;firefox.exe;iexplorer.exe;opera.exe;chromium.exe
    • Default:   “AllowedExes”= “” (empty – this means that every application is allowed)
  • CleanupFileAge: The number of seconds a file must exist before it is deleted (default: 1800, minimum 60)
    • Example: “CleanupFileAge”=1800
  • CleanupIntervalSeconds: Number of seconds between cleanup action (default: 300, minimum 60).
    • Example:  “CleanupIntervalSeconds”=300
  • ForceCopyToExe: List of Executables where the drop action is forced to copy preventing messages being moved to the deleted items folder. When empty it defaults to all major browsers.
    • Example:  “ForceCopyToExe”=””
  • CharsToReplace: Specific characters that will be replaced inside a filename to prevent interference with specific webapplications like SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.
    • Example:  “CharsToReplace”=~#%&*{}\:<>?/|'”`
  • CharReplacement: The character that will replace the CharsToReplace setting
    • Example:  “CharReplacement”=_

Please note! If you don’t know how to use registry settings leave everything on default!