Registry Settings

Where can the settings be found? At the following place(Only when the enterprise editions is installed):
32 Bit Windows:  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DragDrop\DragDrop for Outlook]
64 Bit Windows: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\DragDrop\DragDrop for Outlook]

What settings can be found there?

  1. AllowedExes
  2. CleanupFileAge
  3. CleanupIntervalSeconds
  4. ForceCopyToExe
  5. CharsToReplace
  6. CharReplacement
  7. MaxItemsToDrag

What do the settings mean?

  • AllowedExes: Where dragdrop is allowed to drag & drop to. This is defaults to all applications.
    • Example: “AllowedExes”=chrome.exe;firefox.exe;iexplorer.exe;opera.exe;chromium.exe
    • Default:   “AllowedExes”= “” (empty – this means that every application is allowed)
  • CleanupFileAge: The number of seconds a file must exist before it is deleted (default: 1800, minimum 60)
    • Example: “CleanupFileAge”=1800
  • CleanupIntervalSeconds: Number of seconds between cleanup action (default: 300, minimum 60).
    • Example:  “CleanupIntervalSeconds”=300
  • ForceCopyToExe: List of Executables where the drop action is forced to copy preventing messages being moved to the deleted items folder. When empty it defaults to all major browsers. (for version 5.5 this list is: chrome.exe;firefox.exe;iexplorer.exe;microsoftedge.exe;opera.exe;chromium.exe;msedge.exe)
    • Example:  “ForceCopyToExe”=””
  • CharsToReplace: Specific characters that will be replaced inside a filename to prevent interference with specific webapplications like SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.
    • Example:  “CharsToReplace”=~#%&*{}\:<>?/|'”`
  • CharReplacement: The character that will replace the CharsToReplace setting
    • Example:  “CharReplacement”=_
  • MaxItemsToDrag: Maximum number of items to drag out of Outlook. Defaults to 50, if more items are dragged these are not made available for drop to prevent Outlook from freezing. This number can be increased (or decreased) depending on your needs and machine performance. Fast computers can handle hundreds of items.

Please note! If you don’t know how to use registry settings leave everything default!